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News: Moderator Abuse of Power

January 02, 2014

Several emails have come to our attention from WordPress forum users stating that they were unfairly remove or blocked from the use of the forum. If you have any such experience please contact us and also email Matt at:   tact/ (rem to fix the empty spaces in the email address). He can also be contacted on Facebook with more success. We have just open a forum for discussions of complaints on WordPress moderators at:

WordPress script and the community is excellent with many authors and others who are very helpful. Lets not allow a few primadonnas give WordPress community a bad name.

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October 09, 2013 (Ron Dorsey)

Mel Pedley (esmi) is now deleting all of my post in retribution of my stating that I am not soliciting and that she is not being fair. Every post I now add is being deleted.

Again, this is abusive behavior and she must be removed as moderator.

Moderator Abuse of Power

Abuse of Power by moderator – esmi real name, Mel Pedley

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