These Highly Rated plugins are just a fraction of the WordPress Plugins. There are many great plugins yet to be reviewed.

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Abuse of Power by moderator – esmi

WordPress script and the community is excellent with many authors and others who are very helpful. Lets not allow a few primadonnas give WordPress community a bad name.
Moderator Abuse of Power

Mel Pedley

Code name, Esmi or AKA Mel Pedley

Mel Pedley wins "The Queen Diva Abuse of Power Award" for 2014. Read more


Banners/Image Sliders

Calendars – Events

Currency Ticker

E-Commerce – Shop

Is there an Etsy-like (multi-vendor marketplace) e-commerce plugin out there?


You may want to consider a form maker plugin that has conditional functions. Caldera Forms in one of those which we are reviewing.


Learning Management (Authorware)

Media/Image Management-Presentation

Page Layout

Page Template

Product/Business Reviews

Riibons – Corner Ribbons

Role Creation

(Not Groups)


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Site Management

Table Plugins WordPress

Text Editor


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