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Water Filter Review & Comparison Berkey Doulton

Water Filter Review & Comparison: Berkey, Doulton

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Posted: Oct 3, 2017

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Posted: Oct 2, 2017

Harbor Freight 2.5 Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner Review Item 95563. The major problem with this cleaner is that the digital display window will leak water into the circuit casing damage to the electrical components.

Here are the features or (functions) you may want to consider when selecting an ultrasonic cleaner:

  • All stainless steel, tub, housing and not necessarily the basket
  • Sweep function (frequency sweep) this moves the frequencies plus or minus to be able to vibrate other contaminates
  • Drain plug - which allows you to dump the tub into a container without having to lift the entire unit, than pour the content out
  • Passes the foil test -  similar to hot spots in a microwave oven. which requires a rotating turntable, an ultrasonic cleaner also has hot spots produced by the transducers. The foil test validates the dispersion and hot spots within the tube
  • At least a 1 year warranty on parts and labor

Oct. 13, 2017  site

Most any ultrasonic cleaner will have a stainless steel tub, stainless steel or plastic basket and will operate around 40 khz. And all will do a good job. However the TruSonik cleaner departs from the gang of ultrasonic cleaners in at least 3 areas:

A. Integrates a sweep generator (frequency sweep) to auto-raise and lower the frequencies +/- 2 khz to vibrated particles that do not resonate at 40 KHZ.
B. Technical help is prompt, detailed and from the US.
C. Pricing, 125.00 for a 5L /1.3 gallon tank
D.Comes with a drain outlet with ball valve. One year product warranty located in the States extendable with eBay's product warranty
E. Built-in heater with timer and auto heat regulator
F. Can operate continuously for 50 min.

About the basket: Although a plastic basket is cheaper to make, I prefer a plastic basket over a stainless steel. Why? Stainless steel, like the articles placed in the basket, also vibrates from the transducers, this does 2 things, the feet (steel) touching the tub's bottom is also being impacted by the vibration of the basket along with the articles inside of the steel basket. The mass of the steel basket seems to reduce or dampen the transducers strength. If you remove the basket and try it cleaning a tooth brush which floats, the water is very turbulent compared to when the basket is in. Also the resonating sound is much more audible.