Rife Machines

A Caution on Rife Machines

May 31, 2016 by Chris Diamond

As with many technologies follows products that are good while others are purely scams. Rife technology is no different. Western medicine invalidates Royal Rife's work as quackery. Rife's labs were burnt down twice after his refusing to sell his patents to the American Medical Association and pieces of his microscope were stolen.

Rife Machines and Lyme Disease

Can this story below perhaps mean that Rife frequencies for treating Lyme disease has not been successful?

Here is an experience of someone treating Lyme disease with a Rife machine: http://www.lymeneteurope.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=293


ENERGY MEDICINE to TRULY HEAL CANCER - laser, pemf, rife, fir, near infrared, oncothermia

Laser, PEMF, Rife, FIR, Near Infrared, Oncothermia (Oncothermia, i. e. the modulated deep electro-hyperthermia system is a fast-developing supportive, complementary treatment method against different types of tumors.)

Bulb Application and Grounding Effects

Bulb Application and Grounding Effects