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June 18, 2012

Sequel - composer/performer

Recently while visiting Steinberg - I thought it would be great to review Sequel. The product is for both live and studio use. Check out the videos found in the link above.

Backing / Accompaniment

ChordPulse v2.2

Manufacturer OS: Windows Price: EUR 19.95 / US $24.95


Product Description: ChordPulse is used for backing tracks / accompaniment. There are over 100 styles with rhythms. You may construct your own chord progression or transpose in any key. Set loops markers, instrument mute markers for any measure(s) you set. Great sounding natural instruments. There are 3 groups or 3 parts, they are named: drums, bass and chord . So that would be: percussion, bass and accompaniment. You supply the lead instrument. Features

  • Enjoy your music practice. Create your own backing tracks.
  • Be inspired as a songwriter: experiment with styles and
  • chord progressions.
  • Use ChordPulse for improvisations.
  • Improve your playing techniques as an instrument player.
  • Improve your accuracy and intonation as a singer.
  • Improve your timing.
  • Improve your versatility with various music styles.
  • Try different styles, tempos and keys instantly.
  • A backing band software you can install in seconds, use in minutes.
  • Jam with your friends and ChordPulse.
  • Motivate children to practice more with creative backing tracks.
  • Get new music styles for free!
  • Get all future software upgrades for free!

Review Status: In process Comments: Great quality sounds and nice graphic interface. Perfect for playing your acoustic instrument with these backing tracks. Create your own tracks and loops in a very fun graphical environment.

Pros: Great support and aggressive updates. Good built in drum, and string patches.

Cons: Current version has no style editor - although this is in development. Also there is limited instruments or sound patches. Again, this is to change in the up coming versions.