Needless to say, these are the some of the best applications. Support, interface and functions are among the best you will ever find.



Draw diagrams - schematics (video demo)

Camtasia Studio


A versatile screen and camera recorder. How to record screen video on an Ipad

Snagit – Screen/Image Capture then Annotate



An Introduction to Xara Designer Pro X11
Eat your heart out Photoshop!


The straight truth on the good and bad of products.

In our software product reviews, we spare no love, our review teams are to the point with getting to the pros/cons and product summary. We strive to be detailed and unbiased. The objective is to contribute to product enhancements by delivering a good and balanced review. As editors, we agree, why spend time on reviewing mediocre and poorly crafted products when there are plenty of great work out there. If the product in not in the review list, it may have been:

  • overlooked
  • not worthy of a review
  • has not yet been added it

On hardware, our philosophy is a little different, our product reviews will also expose poorly designed products. When appropriate, our staff will either create a video with voice over or embed selected videos from the Youtube library to help demonstrate a point.



   Xara X Designer Pro X

Hardware Review List