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Extended Warranty Company Coverage – Review / Ratings by Users

June 9, 2018 - Buyer Beware!

Square Trade, Excerpts from byers:

  • "I mailed it in as instructed. It was received Wednesday and today I get an email stating that they cannot repair nor replace the item because it was used beyond manufacturer expectations. That definitely is not true because the box was built based on specifications obtained from the manufacturer and the amplifier has less power than what the subwoofer uses and less than maximum output."
  • "Purchased an iPhone 8 from Target on 3/13/18 and purchased a SquareTrade Warranty with it. When I was sold the warranty I was told it was a no deductible plan. I have now broke my screen and called SquareTrade to which they wanted to collect a $129 deductible upfront."

Epson LW-400 Thermal Label Printer Review (under $40.00)

June 16, 2017

Possibly the best features:

  • Epson minimizes wasting tape where others do not. Dramatically smaller margins mean up to 62% less label waste)
  • Back-lite screen
  • Large built-in memory - store up to 50 files
  • Longest tape in the market of over 29 feet 

Joby Gear

Tabla Grooves: 2 Jhaptal Kaidas on the Zoom Recorder

Tabla Grooves 2 Jhaptal Kaidas

Two Jhaptal Kaidas I am most grateful to have learned from venerable tabla master Taalyogi Pt Suresh Talwalkar.

Tools used:

  1. Audio Technica AE5100
  2. Sennheiser 421
  3. Zoom H6
  4. Universal Audio DCS Remote Pre
  5. Apogee Duet (FW)
  6. Logic 9
  7. loops by Big Fish Audio
  8. Canon T4i w Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 & Tamron SP 01A 35-80mm f2.8-3.8 (macro shots)
  9. GoPro Hero 3+
  10. FinalCut w various plugins. Thanks to Christine Hanley, Eric Hausmann, The Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and Frankie & Lulu (cats)

see the Zoom page

Who owns these Music Instrument Outlets?

  • zZounds
  • Woodwind & Brasswind
  • American Musical
  • Sweetwater

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Selective Optimization in Xara Designer Titles

Change effects using Xara's Photo & Graphic Designer 365 ($89.95) go to the Xara page

Helicon Focus Image Stacking

Helicon Focus

Bun video


Hoodloupe H32

Hoodloupe DIY Quick Mount
DIY Hoodloupe Quick Mount