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September 05, 2012

Simply stated, if your screen recorder lacks a good editor, you have a half-baked product. Camtasia Studio 8 is perhaps the best screen recorder in existence. It gets top ranking because of the: pro features, automated workflow, beautiful designed and comfortable user interface, extensive capabilities within the timeline editor, video tutorials and support which makes this product unbeatable. The impressive professional timeline editor is like stepping into Adobe's Premiere. You are not going to find an elaborate editor like this in any other screen recorder on the market. During the last past 2 days I've been looking for a competitor to Camtasia Studio so that I could do a comparison review, however I am unable to find such a product to go head to head with Camtasia Studio.

There are many screen recorders which are free, cost between $19.00 and $150 - but they lack a serious timeline editor. You also can not perform undo functions which is very frustrating, in other words, you can destroy your project or video segment if by chance you make a mistake. You make this discovery generally sometime after the purchase.

Summary: The quality throughout with attention to detail especially the vast functions found within the editor places Camtasia Studio squarely as a product for the professional. The product is well supported with a number of support options which are all available upon purchasing the product.

August 28, 2012

Techsmith again, sets the standard for screen recording. Camtasia Studio 8 has been rebuilt from the ground up which offers a more optimum interface layout and a faster and more efficient CODEC among a host of other features. Special effort for:

  • editor layout and editor components
  • call out access with a library of made-ready callouts
  • preview for both camera and screen recording
  • effects
  • time line editor for both function and esthetic appeal
  • multiple - unlimited tracks

This all makes producing finished video segments fun and productive. I have found the product to be more responsive and lighter on resources than version 7. MAC version is pending a review