H5P (HTML5 Project) is a development tool used to product HTML5  applications which are:

  1. Cross-platform
  2. Can be viewed without any plugins, with a modern-day browser
  3. Has the interactions and behavior of Adobe Flash without the bloat
  4. Current presented as a plugin for several CMS, like Drupal and WordPress
  5. Applications are limitless, for both desktop and mobile use
  6. Application may be created by none coders and coders
  7. Lends itself particularly to:
    • course creation with the ability to create:
    • surveys
    • quizzing
    • multiple choice - with radial and multiple question types
  8. ads campaigns
  9. presentations like that of Powerpoint
  10. games

Examples and Downloads

[popup_trigger id="6948" tag="span"][h5p id="1"][/popup_trigger]

H5P with Popup Maker

[popup_trigger id="6948" tag="span"]H5P inside a Popup Maker container[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id="7024" tag="span"]H5P Drop the Words script inside a Popup Maker[/popup_trigger]