Official Complaint Against – Moderator Abuse of Power

Official Complaint Against - Moderatorr Abuse of Power

Filed on: October 08, 2013

This email was sent, October 08, 2013 to Matt, founder. It is a formal grievance filed on behalf of TalkingManuals about unprofessional behavior of a moderator working at

Re: Rude and unacceptable treatment by a moderator

October 8, 2013

Hi Matt,

Unfortunately your moderator, esmi (Mel Pedley) Mel Pedley
Theme Diva & Forum Moderator is heavy handed and unprofessional. She removed a post I created in response trying to help someone who stated they could PM if someone was interested in helping out. The reason is simple, the party, jereader Member did not want to divulge the FTP nor Admin details to access their site.

The moderator is the same individual who ban Caps last year from a post he made in critiquing a plugin and then giving a low rating, which was either created by esmi or a close friend of hers. The rational she stated to me is that Caps was being abusive. Caps, like me, maintains a professional demeanor.

Below is a caption of the discussion which was removed. Each time (twice) I try to explain that I was not soliciting, esmi deletes my post. Over the past year I have received information from at least 4 others that esmi is very harsh and has threaten to ban if you post in opposition or questioning her decision. This is not what a world class organization like should have as a representative nor moderator.

To further damage or try to discount the actions of a member, she removes your response and leaves a derogatory statement, which is designed to discredit the member. She performed this same tactic with Caps and I assume others.

Discussion Caption Below:


17.  jereader
Posted 1 day ago #

I've been getting by with simply typing html code into the regular text widget, however it would be great if the rich text editor were working.

I can always PM some login details...

18.  esmi
Theme Diva & Forum Moderator
Posted 44 minutes ago #

@RonDsy: Please do not solicit contact via email. These are community forums and all support here happens here so that everyone can benefit from it.

19.  RonDsy
Posted 37 seconds ago #

"I can always PM some login details"

Solicit? How is this soliciting? If someone wants to offers to PM, give FTP or admin access, how is this soliciting?


My response to her has been removed from the forum. Is this your policy of how a moderator behaves to the public? Her response looks as though I am trying to abuse the community. Please review the many post I've made and see if I have been sincerely assisting others.

With all of the hard work and dedication you have made in creating the WordPress foundation and community, it only takes one moderator, "Diva" to discredit and discount the WordPress community staff of volunteers. 



Ron Dorsey
Senior Editor Moderator Abuse of Power

October 09, 2013, like many open source communities, are only as good as those who try to help others. This is called, heart-of-service. It stems from our wanting to help others with no other purpose nor motive.

Talking Manuals has received information from others of a particular moderator, Mel Pedley  AKA esmi abusing her powers that is being harsh, unfair and threatening. If there are others who have been treated unfairly by a moderator, please send your grievance to:

The objective of this community is for all to be helpful when possible and respectful to others. Many times the managers or key persons are unaware of the behavior of those who moderate discussions. It is our duty, in keeping a great place, to praise those who are helpful and to report those who misuse their power.


Ron Dorsey
General Manager/Editor

News: Moderator Abuse of Power

January 02, 2014

Several emails have come to our attention from WordPress forum users stating that they were unfairly remove or blocked from the use of the forum. If you have any such experience please contact us and also email Matt at: tact/ (rem to fix the empty spaces in the email address). He can also be contacted on Facebook with more success. We have just open a forum for discussions of complaints on WordPress moderators at: