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July 23, 2012

This member - registration plugin's strength is in the form creation for registration. It bypasses the WordPress login routine if you select in Settings "Anyone can register = no." You can now add fields which are not presented in the WordPress membership.

Form field options:

  • text
  • test area - allows the individual to enter text, example: add a comment
  • checkbox
  • dropdown
  • password
  • email (built in)


  • Easy to work form maker with the ability to mute fields that you do not want to display
  • Developer is very responsive to question and offering solutions
  • Action and filter hooks for extensibility

Cons: At this time there are no:

  • Radial field types
  • Multiple choice with more than one field that can be selected
  • No file upload
  • No avatar nor member's image


  • Can block posts, pages, both, or none by default
  • Can override the default block setting at the individual post/page level
  • Login/Registration inline with content rather than the WP login page
  • User registration and member information management integrated into your theme
  • Sidebar login widget
  • Create custom registration fields
  • Can set which fields display and which are required
  • Notify admin of new user registrations
  • Hold new registrations for admin approval
  • Turn registration off completely (for admins that want to control registration in some other way)
  • Show excerpt on pages/posts for better SEO
  • Optional CAPTCHA for registration
  • Action and filter hooks for extensibility