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April 11, 2019

Easy FancyBox yet continues to provide media presentations now fixed z-level while in Admin view.

August 15, 2017

Easy FancyBox continues to posses premium-like plugin features without the cost. Version 1.6 plays a pivotal role is presenting images and video. Easy FancyBox is used exclusively on the TalkingManuals site.

April 06, 2013

There are literally hundreds of media WordPress plugins. The staff of WordPress product reviewers will review some of those that are both Premium (pay) and free. Easy FancyBox is use throughout this website for when images are embedded with video.

August 29, 2013

Easybox is key to presenting both images and video as what is called a Lightbox effect. This simply allows a non coder to show, for instance, Youtube videos play without having your visitor leave your site. Below is an example, using Easy Fancybox. The image was uploaded then the image was linked, using the text editor, to the Youtube hosted video. Click image to view video.

Supports the following:

  • All other image types and image maps
  • WordPress Galleries
  • NextGEN galleries (see FAQs for instructions)
  • Youtube galleries via Youtube Simple Gallery plugin (see FAQs for instructions)
  • SWF (Flash) movies
  • SVG media images (thanks to Simon Maillard)
  • Links to Youtube, Vimeo and Dailmotion
  • Hidden inline content
  • iFrames
  • PDF files
  • Auto-popup on page load
  • links inside Gravity Forms in ajax mode

Media-Image Management and Presentation

RC-300 Tips & Tricks

  • Pageloads are faster than if you used Youtube embeds (URLs) when using an image to initiate the play video command
  • Keep your visitor on the page without having to visit Youtube
  • Utilize Youtube's start and stop points