Aug 5, 2017

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Popup Maker is a premier WordPress plugin which posses a great interface and many output possibilities.

From the creator: 

Popup Maker is the best popup plugin WordPress has to offer. It is extremely versatile & flexible. Bend it to create any type of modal or content overlay for your WordPress website.

Customize every facet of your popups, from theme and position, to targeting and cookies.

Easily create EU cookie notices, optin popups, slide-ins, modal forms & more.

Popup Maker works seamlessly and complimentary with H5P which adds great possibilities to both scripts. H5P has its own popup application but has nowhere the robust functionality of Popup Maker.

Content by: Ron Dorsey

Popup Maker Examples with Triggers

[popup_trigger id="6959" tag="span"]Popup[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id="6948" tag="span"]Popup Maker with H5P - the Popup Maker container is host to H5P active script[/popup_trigger]

The above demonstrates the versatility of Popup Maker, the HTML5 based script, H5P, can be active within Popup Maker's popup.

*Triggers are actions, like a mouse click on a link or object, which initiates the popup.

Popups – WordPress Popup

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Aug. 6, 2017

From the author:

The new Popups plugin can display multiple popups. Is the perfect solution to show important messages such as EU Cookie notice, increase your social followers, add call to actions, increase your mailing lists by adding a form like mailchimp or to display any other important message in a simple popup.

[spu popup="7075"]click here[/spu]

[spu popup="7128"]H5P inside of a WP Popups Plugin [/spu]

As you can see this does not work :(.

Popup Builder

A demonstration of Popup Builder

The popup you just experienced when the page opened was created using Popup Builder using a shortcode, which impacts the entire page. Unfortunately Popup Builder free or premium versions, unlike Popup Maker, do not have triggers so the popup is displayed upon page load which are  intrusive. Triggers are an absolute requirement. [sg_popup id=1]

What are provided as Builder's Pro functions are free in Popup Maker's free version.