System requirements:
PC: Spooky2 was originally designed for use with Windows XP, but it also runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. USB 2.0 or greater is required for frequency generator connectivity. Mac/Linux: Regrettably, there are no native Mac or Linux versions. We recommend you pick up a pre-owned Windows PC and dedicate it to Spooky2. These can usually be bought for a very modest price. Since many of you will wish to try experiments with
long run times, this may be a good idea anyway.

Alternatively, you can use BootCamp to create a Windows partition, or purchase
virtualization software. You can download our helpful “ Spooky2 in Linux or Mac” PDF guide here under “Useful Documents.”

What you get:

  • Spooky2–5M generator built from high quality components and optimized for Spooky2.
  • Unique Wave Cycle Multiplication enables frequencies up to 25MHz.
  • Two damped waveforms (square and sinusoidal) with configurable decay oscillations.
  • New H-Bomb waveform (square and sinusoidal), plus Colloidal Silver, Square Harmonic, and Lily.
  • Spectral processing can transmit up to 1,024 frequencies simultaneously with uniform amplitude.
  • High voltage multiple “spike” injection into all waveforms to increase effectiveness.
  • Enhanced dual signal gate control.
  • Software amplitude, offset, and phase angle control.
  • Auto-calibration – no adjustment necessary.
  • Dual configurable amplitude and frequency wobble systems. Selectable wobble functions.
  • Configurable automatic frequency transposition up or down with selectable harmonic generation functions.
  • Direct entry of light wavelength in the database.Three types of sweep possible – Carrier, Spectrum, and Linear.
  • Global transport controls for multi-generator rigs.
  • Individual Channel gating on each output, pause scheduling, and Autostart.
  • Windows 32 and 64 bit support with auto-detection for driver installation.
  • Internet controls to update the database online.
  • Database editor.
  • Improved multiple subject handling.
  • Auto-resizing supports all screen sizes.
  • Biofeedback (Spooky Pulse accessory) to detect MORs and “Yes/No” body responses.
  • Program Preset save and restore, including frequency set(s), waveform(s), and all settings.
  • Real time control of frequency values.

What’s New - 16 improvements
Here’s what’s new in Spooky2 01042016 (1 April 2016 – Spooky’s birthday):

  1. New: Out 2’s waveform can now be programmed in Create Frequency Set.
  2. New: Frequency Slider added to Channel Control panel to allow adjustments to Out 1’s frequency output during a Program. This is useful for finding exact hits. Each frequency change in the Program resets the slider’s offset to zero.
  3. New: if a generator develops a fault, its Channel button will blink with an “X” superimposed.
  4. New: Channel 128 (the PC Channel) can now be used for Channel Shadowing.
  5. New: added preliminary framework and control that will allow Spooky2 to run in Linux in the near future.
  6. Improved: when Frequency and Amplitude are swapped, the values for each output in the Channel Control panel are also exchanged to avoid confusion when users check the generator display.
  7. Improved: Hold code altered so that Gate continues and Frequency Slider will function throughout.
  8. Improved: removed Scalar harmonic matching from Blacklist Control and replaced it with the more useful Decade
    harmonic. Scalar division is 20.08553692, so it’s extremely unlikely that matches would have been found. Harmonic
    matching code has also been improved.
  9. Improved: Gate rate can now be set as low as .001Hz.
  10. Improved: Channel Shadowing now follows zero Hz.
  11. Improved: exponents in very large database frequencies are handled better. This was more an issue with the “L” database
    entries since these are usually very large numbers. Exponents are no longer expressed in the Frequency List.
  12. Improved: “L” can now be used in Create Frequency Set to define the frequencies of Out 1 as well as the frequency Constant of Out 2 in the database. For example, L100f0cL200 will apply the wavelength frequencies of 100 nm to Out 1 and 200 nm to Out 2.
  13. Improved: Channel Control panel’s Frequency List is now wider to accommodate extremely high frequencies.
  14. Improved: Advanced Menu now shows the full pathnames for both databases at the bottom.
  15. Improved: moved Download Database command from Online Menu to Database Menu.
  16. Fixed: download link for database. Plus various code fixes and optimisations.
    Guide pages changed since the 17 March 2016 edition (2) have a blue triangle in the top right corner, as shown above

The Spooky2 Rife System
Right panel shows the components that make up a basic Spooky2 Rife System. All of these, and much more, are available only from here.

Spooky2–5M generator

Spooky2 5m Signal Generator 400 w

While the Spooky2 software is the brain that controls the system, this generator provides the muscle. The Starter Kit comes with:

  1. Power supply
  2. Connector cable
  3. USB cable
  4. BNC-to-alligator clips cable which is used to connect a pair of Spooky Tubes
  5. (2) Spooky DNA remotes
  6. Spooky Pulse (Heart Rate Monitor)
  7. Spooky ear sensor
  8. Spooky finger sensor
  9. (2) Spooky Hand Cylinders
  10. (1) package of contact pads
  11. Spooky Boost (board) 2.0

Spooky Remote v1.1 (MN & BN):

 Spooky Remote v1.1
Used for remote treatment. The Magnetic North version (black pad) is best for killing pathogens, but is not generally recommended for long-term use. The Biomagnetic North version (white pad) is best for healing and regeneration. Both models come with a short BNC connector cable.

Spooky Hand CylindersSppoky2 Tubes white bacground
Used for contact treatment. They are connected using the BNC-to-alligator clips cable that comes with your generator. An extended cable is also available. For hands-free contact sessions, you can use TENS pads and a TENS cable instead, also available from the website linked above.

Spooky Boost (board) 2.0:

Spooky2 Boost board v2 whit background

This clever signal processor can quadruple the power of Contact Mode, and double the power of Remote. It has dedicated outputs for each Remote model, pass through connections for the generator’s Out 1 and Out 2, and an optimized output for the manufacture of high-quality colloidal silver (also used for Contact Mode). The Spooky Boost 2.0 signal processor is essential for some of Spooky2’s most powerful features.


To use the Spooky2 Rife System safely, you MUST:

  • Always connect your Spooky2–XM frequency generator to an electrical outlet before attempting to use it
  • Don’t use USB only
  • Never unplug it while in use – always stop and switch it off first
  • Ensure that plug socket adapters cannot be accidentally kicked or nudged by cleaning/vacuuming, small children, or curious pets, causing momentary disconnection.
  • Failure to observe these precautions at all times may result in damage to your generator and will void your warranty

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