Spooky Pulse / Biofeedback Scanning

Spooky 2 Pulse

Revised: May, 15, 2016
The scan results may be: misleading, inaccurate and non inclusive. This is a major drawback to utilizing Spooky2 scan technology. I will contact the Spooky support team in the next few days and publish my findings

Spooky Pulse is the starting point to understanding the Rife technology and how it applies to the Spooky2 signal/frequency generator. The objective is to learn how to:

  • Properly create your first scan with naming conventions
  • Overview the variables in selecting the scan configuration
  • Save/archive the scan so that it can be studied
  • Export scan results
  • Understanding the results of the scan.

These steps above are the basis of discovery and treatment no matter if you are new or a seasoned Spooky2 user. Pulse/biofeedback scanning is where the discoveries are made known.

Step I – Setting It Up

This lesson presumes you have already installed the file: "Spooky2_Setup_04042016.exe" from the Spooky2 Starter Kit folder but the program is not loaded. Load Spooky2 to check if it installed then exit the program. Always connect the devices to the USB ports first before you start the software so that the software can identify the devices plugged in while it is loading. This includes any Spooky device/accessory which directly connected into the USB and of course the generator.

If you forgot to connect the device and the program has started to load or is loaded, quit the program than plug the device in, then restart Spooky2. You may use a USB hub for the exception of the Spooky Pulse, this must be directly connected to the USB without a hub. This is because hubs slow down communication - where the speed and integrity of data transfer from and back to the the Pulse are critical. If it is possible, use no USB hubs for Spook2.

Scanning and Treatment

Spooky scan functions are completely independent from the Spooky treatment. You can treat without scanning. Example: you can run the cancer or parasite treatment for killing cancer cells and parasites without having to perform a scan. Scanning helps you to discover and identify pending health issues.

Starter Kit User Guide Part I

Important advice

  • Don’t touch the generator controls unless you know what you’re doing or you’re being guided by tech support. The Spooky2 Rife System is designed to be totally controlled by the software.
  • Drink pure water – lots of it. Ideally, you should drink from six to eight pints daily, half of it before noon. This does two very important things: it flushes toxins and dead organisms out of your body quicker, and it improves your electrical conductivity.
  • Don’t keep your Spooky2 rig in your bedroom or general living area – the magnetic Spooky Remotes are so powerful that they “sing” when they’re running frequencies in the human audio range. And it will eventually drive you crazy. If you can’t put it into an unused room or space, line a cardboard box with foam or polystyrene and upend it over the Remote(s).
  • The Spooky Spectrum Sweep and Spooky Converge Sweep are intended for use only in the absence of a reliable diagnosis, not as a general panacea. Both these sweeps will kill all bacteria – pathogenic and beneficial. Prolonged continuous use may damage the immune system unless you supplement with natural probiotics using fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kefir (dairy and/or water), kimchi, pickles, and the like. In no case other than an emergency should either of these sweeps be used continuously for more than 4-5 days.

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