WP Plugin Conflict List

A list of known conflicts with other plugins. The list is comprised of Premium and Free Plugins that users report. With the many updates, some of the entries will be outdated. There are many plugin conflicts, this list represents a fraction of them. Plugin A is the possible source.

Plugin A: (probable source)Plugin B: (impacts)Discovered:Description:Severity Solution:Status:
Ultimate TinyMCE 4.6Simple-Press TnyMCE Editor v 2.0.6May 2012May prevent the text editor in Simple-Press to displaySolution: remove "code" from the RichText edtor's toolbar - in the Options area.
Sitemile Auction themeConflict with Wordfence6-3-2013
Fixed Feb-15-2013
Upon logout or login, breaks WordPress. No conflict when in MU.Major - rename Wordfence, do not use theme
Sitemile Auction themeQ and A FAQ and Knowledge Base for WordPress6-4-2013If you are logged out and you click on a question, you get a log in screenMajor - do not use Auction theme or remove FAQ
Q and A v1.0.3Simplo +
Tersus Themes
9-5-2012Breaks theme sub-menu or themeMajor - roll back to an earlier version
Ether Content Manager 1.7.xCollabPressMay - 2013Disables CollabPressMajor - Deactivate Ether Content Builder
Ether Content Manager 1.7.xReally Simple Issue Tracker v 1.0May 2013Echos twice the item on the pageNon Critical- de-activate
Ether Content Manager 1.6.9Events ManagerOct-14-2012
Fixed April-15-2014
Renders Event Manager unusableMajor - roll back to Ether Content Builder 1.6.8
Ether Content Manager 1.6.7/8/9WP Customer Reviews

8-5-2012Ether Content Manager places WP Customer Reviews always at page top.minor
Ether Content Manager 1.6.7/8Event Manager 6-12-2012Event Manager "CONTENT" is exposed if managed by Ether Content Managerminor - do not use Ether Content Builder
Better WP SecurityEther Content Manager7-23-2012Hides Ether Content Manager if "Turn off file editor in WordPress Back-end" is checked.minor - just do not check "hide editor"
Awesome Ads 1.0.4Simple Press 5.1.38-10--2012Hides the "Forum" menu item (left side)minor - deactivate and you will see the Forum menu
Wordfence v 1.3.7Easy FancyBox v lightbox effect. More testing needed.Non Critical- de-activate WordfenceFixed with version 3.4
SimpleModal Login 1.0.5WordPress Admin menu bar8-7-2012Hides the Admin menu bar at page topminor - you need to enter by using the /wp-admin to the URL or revert back to version 1.0.4Fixed with version 1.0.6
Ribbon Maker Version 1.5Simple Press 5.1 xOct-12-2012Disables the Create New Topic popupMajor - disable Ribbon MakerFixed with version 1.6
Ribbon Maker 1.6
href="http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ribbon-maker/" target="_blank">Plugin at WordPress
Colored Vote Polls 1.0
Color Vote at WordPress
Nov-1-2012Hides the color bar in the adminminor - deactivate Ribbon MakerFixed with version 1.6.2
Nov 13
Q and A v1.0.2Headway Theme
9-4-2012Header block
conflicts with Headway Theme CSS
Major - roll back to an earlier versionFixed with version 1.0.3
Event Manager (not Pro)Simple Press8-5-2012Event Manager hides the Simple Press "Forum" link within the Adminminor - you can still operate if you deactivate Event ManagerFixed with version 5.x
Ether Content Manager 1.6.9Ultimate TnyMCE text editor9-27-2012Tiny MCE behaves unpredictable. The List tag breaks when inside of a Ether Content Builder page.Resolved in WP version 3.5
Major - do not use bullets of any of the list tags within Ether Content Builder
Resolved - WordPress 3.5
Ether Content Manager 1.6.9Ultimate TnyMCE text editorOct-13-2012Prevents the use of tools and will not save text.Resolved in WP version 3.5 and ECB 1.7.x
Ether Content Manager 1.6.8WP-Members8-23-2012If the shortcode for wp-members, [page="register"] is used on a registration page managed by Ether Content Builder you will see exposed, [wpmem_txt][/wpmem_txt]. You will need to be logged out to see these shortcodes.

Chad Butler wrote:

That would be caused by an improperly developed shortcode in Ether Content Builder. The WP shortcode process fires only once, so all shortcodes need to also run do_shortcode on the content they are returning, otherwise they could potentially return unparsed shortcodes.
You could filter that out with the wpmem_register_form filter, adding something like this to your functions.php:
add_filter( 'wpmem_register_form', 'trim_wpmem_txt' );
function trim_wpmem_txt( $form )
$old = array( '[wpmem_txt]', '[/wpmem_txt]' );
$new = array( '', '' );
$form = str_replace( $old, $new, $form );
return $form;
return $form;
Resolved in version


Below you may want to comment about any of the plugins listed above or report a possible conflict.

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