SlimStat (wordpress statistics)


By the author:

WP SlimStat gives you full control of your web analytics by tracking visitors from all referrers, including search engines and social networks. It monitors events, mouse coordinates and custom actions. It can also be used to record information about returning customers, email campaigns and downloads. Thousands of WordPress sites are already using it.


November 05, 2013


  • [New] Report to visualize top Outbound Links and Downloads (thank you, bobinoz)
  • [New] Purge data by user agent (thank you, GermanKiwi)
  • [New] Import/Export all your settings in a text file. Go to Settings > Maintenance and give it a try! (thank you, Mike)
  • [Update] Cosmetic updates to the interface
  • [Update] Right Now Extended is now set to 'No' by default
  • [Fix] Filters were not being reset if API was invoked more than once on the same page (thank you, PV-Patrick)
  • [Fix] Compatibility issues with User Overview (thank you, Thorsten)
  • [Fix] Bug affecting the data recorded when URLs were using non-ASCII characters (thank you, dimitrios1988)
  • [Fix] Compatibility issues with Export to Excel
  • [Fix] Bug related to the new HTTP POST-based Filtering system
  • [Fix] Issue with French localization encoding (thank you whoaloic)
  • [Fix] Elaborated on how to use multiple filters with the API (thank you, Statistiker)