WordPress Backup Utility – Backup Buddy

There are several WordPress backup utilities and some which are packaged with other products which fully automate the backup process. I find myself liking backup utilities which are:

  • Clean looking
  • Easy to perform the task of backup and restore
  • Saving the backup file naming after the domain name

Website / WP Forum (none) / Backup Buddy Forum (Pre-sales)/ Cost: Yes

June 21, 2012

Backup Buddy fulfills all of the requirements I list above. I may add, it even remembers the path for each URL.

3.0 has recently been released and here are the features:

  • Magic Migration – this is by far the most exciting feature we’ve added … you can move WordPress sites right from the Dashboard. You simply select the backup archive you want to move and BackupBuddy will automatically transfer it for you and walk you through the steps to do so.
  • Improved user interface and experience – we’ve made a number of tweaks to the UI and existing customers will see the difference.
  • Extensive logging and statistics – we’ve added logging to see where things might go wrong and to help troubleshoot it, as well as statistics to see how big your backups are and how long they are taking.
  • More embedded tutorials and how-to information – you’ll find even more tutorial videos and information about what things are throughout the plugin so you can find answers to questions quickly straight from your Dashboard.
  • Easily replace hard-coded links – When you move a site from one domain to the next, BackupBuddy will make it easier to change those hard-coded links to be up to date.
  • Repair common site issues – although Repair Buddy is not necessarily new (and not for everyone), RepairBuddy is a tool for diagnosing and repairing WordPress installations when things go wrong. RepairBuddy (find it under the BackupBuddy > Migrate, Restore tab in your Dashboard) is more stable and has more polish to allow you to fix common problems with your site.
  • WP Mutlisite feature polish – we’ve given some fresh attention to the Multisite features (still in Beta) allowing you to backup, restore and move WordPress Multisite Networks.
  • Faster, more efficient and less intensive – we’ve seen how bad the sharing hosting world is, so BackupBuddy 3.0 has been completely rewritten into a new framework which means better performance (i.e. less timeouts).

Comments: The newer generation of Backup Buddy has many more task which I am sure will be optimized in the updates. Congratulations on a much better overall database backup product.

Pros: Cleaner interface / provides better logging

Cons: Much slower than the previous version. Version 3.0 seems about 6 times slower. This may be in part because of the intense logging thus uses more memory/resources. Also hitting the page reload can re-start the backup process which then often stalls or fails the backup. This script needs to close the session after the page has expired or the client has left the page to prevent this from happening. I will be publishing a more detail review in the coming days.

Cons: $75.00 license renewal fees for updates. You may still use the product after it has expired. Our staff at Talking Manuals think the $75.00 renewal fee for a backup utility is a hefty price to pay.