Arturia MatrixBrute

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I'm 65 years old and was highly influenced by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. I also learned of and was involved with synthesizers from the very beginning. I built an early PAIA system, own a Mini-Korg, and ultimately acquired an ARP 2600 (very nice) which I regrettably sold. Ever since, I have been longing for another modular synthesizer. When the Matrixbrute came along, I was highly skeptical. However, I was intrigued because it claimed to have a Moog-style "ladder" filter. This was instrumental in giving Emerson's Moog the huge - fat - sound that I loved and wanted. (The ARP did not have this quality) The Matrixbrute also claimed to have the same kind of routing, or "patching", capability as a truly modular system. When I was finally able to lay my hands on one, I quickly learned that their claims were correct. First and foremost, I wanted to be able to duplicate all of the sounds and textures that I had heard from ELP, and so far this instrument has not disappointed. It does take some getting used to and lots of tweaking, but the sounds ands effects are there. The only peculiarity is that it uses digital circuitry to control analog circuitry. However, this is what allows you to save any sound that you have built so, even though it's a little squirrely, it's acceptable. BTW, to save a patch, you must first turn off the PROTECT switch on the back of the unit. And this brings me to my only complaint: the lack of support. I followed the instructions in the manual to save a preset, and it wouldn't accept it. When I got on line, I discovered there was no contact phone number. I had to fill out a lengthy and cumbersome email form. They came back a couple of days later essentially parroting what the manual said. I replied that that had worked, but got no response. A couple of days later I sent yet another email. Finally, someone provided me with the aforementioned tidbit, and I was able to save my patch (Lucky Man) to a preset. Have fun.

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