To find the best Rife machine when considering: performance, expandability, ease of use, customer care and quality of materials.

Short Explaination on Rife Technology

Royal Rife during the 1930's found that everything which exist has a sympathetic resonating frequency associated with it. He induced frequencies to a pathogen or parasite then observed its behavior. The discovery found that certain frequencies would kill a pathogen, bacteria or a cancer cells without harming good cells. These frequencies could also heal, remove toxins and promote wellbeing. 

You can find Rife machines being marketed with varying claims. These manufacturers show Rife images and include his biograph and therefore attempt to associate their product with Rife's successful work.

The Process of Elimination

You may ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the frequencies actually being produced from the device those which Rife used and if so, which ones?
  • Does the signal generator maintain accuracy over time during the treatment, if so what is the accuracy during continuous operation?
  • Are there independent product reviews if so, provide links
  • What are the procedures for quality control over the manufacturing and testing of the device and accessories?
  • Please state in layman terms, the guarantees and warranties.
  • If the product malfunctions, how would I get it repaired if I live in the States?
  • Is there an extended warranty I can purchase, if so what is the cost and coverage?
  • Is technical support responsive and helpful?
  • Are the guides, tutorials, website and printed materials easy to follow?
  • The generator's body and lens are made from what materials?
  • What plug type are used to connect the accessories?
  • With regard to its construction, is the generator considered commercial grade, if so explain why?

Spooky2 – Caution * * *

July 7, 2016 / Article by Ron Dorsey

Spooky2 is possibly engages in unscrupulous business practices.

    spooky2 character

Below are the results of performing a pulse scanning using Spooky2.

  • Ran the Pulse Scanner for 63 minutes and the list of diseases like:
    • 3 types of HIV, 
    • Several types of cancers
    • Phantom arm - no arms missing
    • Tonsillitises - which was removed at childhood
    • Scan results states the the individual has several diseases which only animals contract. 
  • Tried to contact John White the head creator of the Spooky2 software - even though the links reads, Contact John White, Spooky2 management would not put me in contact with John White. The Spook2 team was aware I was publishing a review and needed clarification on the scan results