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The Muscle Stick

4-9-2016 By the manufacturer:

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About the Product
  • Only Adjustable, Full Stainless Steel Core Roller! Comes With 100% Free Fitness Membership (Instructional Videos, Q&A, and Blogs)BUY 2 MASSAGE STICK 's and Get FREE SHIPPING....Buy With Confidence, Buy Our Muscle Build Aid That Is Essential In Tension Relieving, Cramp Soothing, DOMS Busting, Top Of The Line Massage Stick From Fitness Answered Training Products! Get F.A.T. to lose Fat!
  • This Muscle Roller Is Perfect For The Beginner Mom Looking To Shed The Baby Weight, To The Advanced Powerlifter Or Body Builder. From the Growing Pains Like Shin Splints As Teens, To The Adult Pains Such Like Bad Backs, Plantar Fasciitis, Restless Leg Syndrome, Shin Splints, Tennis Elbow, ETC. This Product Is Vast In Uses And Guaranteed To Please.
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  • 18 Inch Total Length, With 9 Inch of Rolling Area, The Massage Roller Stick Will Provide Perfect Tension And Quiet Operation! Don't fumble With Rolling Around On The Ground With Foam Rollers or Fight Flexing Rollers With Foam Or Plastic That Will Fatigue And Come Apart Over Time! Our Product Is the Perfect Size For Allowing You To Apply Perfect Tension To The Precise Target Area!
  • ORDER NOW, Get Your Muscle Roller Stick! Better Than A Cheap Foam Roller That Will Tear And Wear Out. Success begins today and is protected by our Lifetime Guarantee!

Product Review

4-9-2016 by: Ron Dorsey

This product is simple yet beneficial. I used it behind the lower back, neck, legs, the tendon along side of the knee and left side of your stomach (colon). Before use, I added some dry lubricant between the rollers. This would make a great gift - even for those who are difficult to please.

Update: 4-9-2016 - the next day /
The product description says the Stick is adjustable, that the handles are not glued so they can be moved in or outward so that the beads or rollers spacing can be changed. I tried to move the grips so to test out the claim that this product is adjustable. Here is my findings.

I removed the handles and to my surprise the end of the rods have burrs which is metal jagged pieces left over after a cut. The tube ends would usually be de-burred so that the edge would be smooth, this certainly was not the case. Moving the grippers or handles would be difficult and damage the inside because the knife like burrs would tear out the grippers from the inside and may actually cut completely into the handle if enough pressure was put on it over time. Here are some images of how the tube ends looked like after removing the handles (grippers) and how it looks now after smoothing the end of the rod. I maintain that even with smoothing out the ends, it is still difficult to adjust the handles.

This is most certainly a quality control issue that many will not notice.

end of rod - jagged-leftside 1end of rod - jagged right side rod ends deburred with chamfer 2rod ends deburred with chamfer 1


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