GoPro HERO 5 Black

GoPro Hero 5 Black Review

GOPRO HERO 5 Black review, features, specs, demo, test, advise and sample footage.

Do NOT Buy The GoPro 6! (GoPro Hero 6 vs 5)

3:41 that not Grain and Thats not noise, that is the low bitrate artifact from shooting at such a high frame rate, and because the camera maxes out at like 78mbs when you shoot 240 fps each frame ends up being like 0.3mb rather than if you shot 24fps each frame would be 3mb, 4k 24 will be less compressed than 4k 60 and gopro upgraded from 4k 30 with the 5 to 4k 60 with the 6 which was nothing more than a marketing ploy considering the hero 5 maxes out at 60 abs which means to have the same quality at double the frame rates gopro should have upped the max bitrate to 120mbs but they only upped it to 78 so hero 6 is a marking ploy with a software only available on 6 which enables 60fps up to 4k but each frame is more compressed anyway ugh gopro knows common everyday consumers are dumb and will buy their products anyway. they pretty much screwed us with the hero 6.