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The Industry

 Dec. 29, 2017

The hair loss and hair regrowth business is a multi-billion industry and growing. It is based upon the dire fear of losing your hair and the possible impact of social acceptance for both male and female. The business model, not just for hair regrowth industry, is based upon the scale of return of profit. The problem with that model is to be compared with that of the medical industry, which is based upon profit and less on performance with little risk. Here is a strategy that will assist you in making the best decisions while in the effort of hair regrowth.

  • Lean on a healthy diet - Your hair follicle is the last in line to receive nutrition
  • Select ways of mechanically moving the blood and nutrients in your scalp
  • Use suppliments
  • Use growth accelerator like L-carnitine (found in nature) to increase activity and the flow within the hair shaft and membrane

Hair Loss

Restoring a hair follicle and generating growth cells is complex and needs to be attacked in multiple ways. Diet, good sleep on a regular basis and using a growth accelerator like L-carnitine (found in nature): "A primary reason for hair loss is an excess of male hormones called androgens. In a recent experiment with human hair at the University of Lubeck in Germany, L-carnitine was shown to promote hair growth. (1) Exposure to L-carnitine stimulated hair shaft elongation and reduced hair cell death." So a multi-approach is best. Hair loss is also looked as a body disfunction, like the liver for instance. source:

iRestore Laser Hair Regrowth System

From an Amazon review: April 2017

I have been using iRestore for 6 weeks. I am seeing a modest amount of improvement at this point. I am not sure if it is new hair or just healthier existing hair. It is too early to expect significant growth or true "restoration". It is about on par with what my expectations were (my assumption going in was that it would be 4-5 months before I would notice any real improvement). I will report back again then.

6 Month Update: I am attaching an image. I am happy with the results and am satisfied with my purchase. I would describe the products performance as modest regrowth, slowed or possibly stopped loss, and healthier existing hair. I am not using Rogaine or Propecia, so the results are from the iRestore.

6-Month Guarantee & Free Returns

If you're not 100% satisfied after using the iRestore device for 6 months, send it back to us for a full refund. We will even pay for return shipping. See Return Policy for details.

Summary: The iRestore device utilizing laser technology to stimulate pathways to a follicle is helpful and works better when integrated with other modalities and good healthy living. Your hair follicle is the last in the chain of nutrition, other organs get first place on the waiting list. The hair on the crown of your scalp is sensitive to DHT whereas the other hair on the scalp is not. I would refrain from drinking alcohol, food which contain the type of gluten found in wheat, barley and rye which is not compatible and therefore harmful to the human species's blood type.