OpenCart Video Tutorials

OpenCart is a preferred e-commerce solution for online shops.

  • It is free
  • Open source
  • Mature and fast, page loads are fast
  • Offers a marketplace for OpenCart plugin developers
  • Multi-language
  • Exceeds most if not all of WordPress e-commerce plugins
  • Page layout can be changed by a non coder
  • Auto-calc shipping rates can be installed for UPS. FedX, United Parcel and many more

What OpenCart isn't

OpenCart, although a great fast and responsive open source and free php e-commerce script, it is not a multi-vendor (multi-seller) marketplace e-commerce script. If you are looking to setup an Etsy like script OpenCart is not the choice.

OpenCart website:

Check out the OpenCart review page

How to add or change the logo and Ico


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Adding a New Product


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Installing an OpenCart Template


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