Spooky2 Inside Look

Boost v2 (Boost-Board)


Spooky2 Boost board v2 whit background

This board is named, Spooky Boost v2.0 (which is an external booster board) simply because the BN and MN output terminals are actually plugs which merges both Out1 and Out2 into one plug. Contrast to the Boost Cable (Boost Cable v1) you would have needed a T cable to then merge Out1 and Out2. This new board has the routing built-in so that yet another cable is not needed.

All Spooky2 generators can be fitted with the Booster v2. The enhancement is in this external board only. A Boost Cable v1 can be used with the Boost (board) v2 however you would not connect a boost cable to the BN nor to the MN terminals of the Boost v2 as the v2 already merges Out1 and Out2. It is not quite understood by connecting the boost cable to BN or MN of a Boost v2 if this could damage the generator. Will consult with the engineer team at Spooky2.

Spooky2 boards and face plate

There are 4 different parts which make up the Spooky2

  • Chassis (body)
  • Motherboard
  • Daughter board (with screen and controls)
  • Faceplate

Spooky2 boards and under face plate

If the protective screen film, which is laminated onto the inside of face plate, is either damaged or scratched to where it impairs seeing the screen, then you would either order a new face plate or modify the existing plate so that you can integrate a new screen protective film.