Remix OS Android on Your Desktop

RemixOS is no longer supported

November 3, 2017

Unfortunately, RemixOS is no longer being supported

Remix OS Android you can put on your laptop

Remix OS Android you can put on your laptop

Remix is an Andriod version for desktop use for Mac and PC.

Remix OS for PC – Hard Disk Installation Guide

Remix OS for PC - Hard Disk Installation Guide

Links you need:

Partition Mini Wizzard
Click to play video

Download from the manufacturer:

Ron Dorsey's (page author) rating, for both RemixOs and MiniTool - Partition Wizzard receives 5-stars:

Aug 8, 2016

As of this date use only the mirror from FOSSHUB. Mistakenly, the mirror at Source Forge has an earlier version of Remix OS. The most current version is:


Simple Instructions for Installation

  1. Find any Windows 7 or 8 powered PC with at least 4 gig of hard disk room
  2. Download:
    1. - you will see for 32/64 bit versions
    2. Free partitioning utility: MiniTool-Partition-Wizard-Free-Edition
  3. Use the partitioning tool to create a dedicated FAT 32 file type partition for RemixOs (again, at least 4 gig of space)
  4. Unpack (unzip the Remix download to a remix folder) the RemixOS download
  5. After the unzipping, click on the install file
  6. Point the installation the the ISO file (where you unzipped that RemixOS file) 
  7. Point to where on the hard drive where you want RemixOS installed

Current issues using the version Remix_OS_for_PC_Android_M_64bit_B2016082301 are:

  • Skype microphone is disabled
  • Screen resolution settings are not available in the display settings